Monday, February 26, 2007

Moving Through not Moving On

I've long read about ways to handle emotional crises is to move through and feel the pain, don't cover up and ignore. Hopefully that's what I've done in dealing with the death of both my sister and a dear friend. It doesn't feel good, but every day is a little easier.

My work schedule this weekend was evidence that I'm coming through the other side of grief. I feel motivated, creative and grounded. On Sunday I prepped papers for 12 paintings, sized 20 x 30 and 20 x 20. I will be taking these to Santa Fe to complete.

I made a beaded necklace to hold my reading glasses; burned five music CDs and five DVDS of photos; gave the landscapes a last layer of varnish; did a couple loads of laundry; read the whole Sunday paper; and started packing. Also started two new abstracts on canvas. In the evening I watched E's coverage of the Red Carpet, then switched to the Amazing Race and recorded the Oscars to watch today - quickly!

Carl from Metroartworks wants the landscapes, so I've packed them up to take to Fedex.

A guest at the Hilton Anatole loved the artwork in her room and tracked me down via the web to place an order. How fun!


Karen Jacobs said...

I swear... you're so lazy! And now off on another fun trip. Envious? Who? Me? Nahhhh... KJ

Anonymous said...

you are truly awesome- how do you manage

Walker said...

Anonymous, I love when you post, you invariably say something wonderful - I appreciate it!