Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Traveling with Friends

New Abstracts in Progress
The trip to Santa Fe has been planned for some time. I have a lot to do there, friends to see, galleries to visit. But I'm going alone, and some things are just better shared. So it seemed natural to say via email to my friend Karen Jacobs -- want to come? Seems like it was perfect timing for her, she had a voucher ready to expire, so she's booked her ticket and we'll share four lovely days in the Santa Fe area.

We have traveled together before, once in Feb 2005 to NYC to visit Christo's Gates in Central Park, and last year in April when we spent a month in the south of France at an artist residency sponsored by Cat Art. Way before that we met in Santa Fe when Karen had a solo opening at Waxlander.

Karen and I are part of an online group of artists from all over the world. Occasionally small groups travel, and I've been lucky enough to participate quite a few times. We come together with totally different artistic and personal backgrounds, but with the commonality of the email list. It's always a rich experience.

So even though Karen lives in Birmingham, AL and I live in Dallas, we'll meet in Santa Fe and have a great time. And we'll see Raya, another artist friend who went to France with us last year, and spend some time reminiscing.

But before all that can happen, I have to deliver some art, finish packing and weighing my suitcase multiple times. I'm hardly taking any clothes, because my weight allowance is strained with art supplies and electronics. Oh well.

About the abstracts above, this is the very first stage of the paintings. The one on the right is a little more developed, but when they are finished I doubt they will look much like this.


Karen Jacobs said...

This is so cool! Can hardly wait! Didn't realize how much I needed this break between the two shows. Perhaps I'll come home with a new seed of inspiration. I could use that right now! KJ

Annette Bush said...

Well, you know I will be jealous and will want to know EVERYTHING. What a fun and serendipitous adventure. Big hugs to Raya.

Anonymous said...

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