Monday, January 15, 2007

Looking for Opportunities

With constant TV coverage of the impending storm, I expected great photo ops today of ice covered tree branches, but a tour around my yard found very little ice. It's awfully cold here in Dallas, so it would have to be spectacular before I bundled up and gathered my tripod to set up outside. What I did find was next summer's gardening opportunity, since I've lost a number of foundation plantings, my entire herb garden, and probably most of the periennials. With the combination of last summer's drought and this winter's freezes, it's a graveyard out there.

I'm staying inside and making art. I finished a series of paintings on paper, but I'm having trouble getting started on the second batch. No motivation.

I am well into the experimental white paintings, but they really aren't speaking to me yet. It's as though they don't belong to me. I feel as though everything I do now is derivative of other people's paintings. Sometimes they really are, but I just hate it when I create a new series only to have a client say, "oh, that's like "artist name"'s work". What's up with that??

I have finalized details of a new housesitting assignment next month in San Francisco. It's such a beautiful city. I look forward to wandering around with my camera.

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Joyce said...

I'm looking forward to seeing your experimental white paintings.