Friday, January 12, 2007

Blown Theory

Commissioned Photo Paintings in my flat file
The body of work I created this week blows the theory that artists channel emotions into their art. This has been a very sad time for me, with the loss of my sister, and now some family quarrels. Yet the paintings coming out of the studio look the same as they always do. Maybe I just go into a zen zone -- like automatic painting. Regardless, I have eleven of them done, and ten more to go. These are small, only 8" x 16", a new composition in the Photo Painting series.

I am shipping the painting to Harrah's Atlantic City today -- for some reason it took a long time for the purchasing company to get the shipping address to me.

I have some digital mockups to do this weekend for a large commission.

For some reason I thought this was a good time to clean out my closet. I bought underbed storage and big plastic bins and have made a huge mess. It's not an improvement so far.


Annette Bush said...

I like the Harrah's painting AND its title. AND I'm glad you showed the little pieces in the flat file so we could see that marvelous border of white paper! Impressive.

andrea said...

When my head is cluttered I always work on my environment. It's surprisingly helpful. (Painting is, too, but like you, I can't see a true channeling of emotion in my work.)