Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Self Help Theories

We've all heard that what we concentrate on is what we get. That's always given as the reason why we shouldn't "fear" or "hate" because those are strong emotions with a lot of energy. When that energy is directed towards something, that's what we attract.

With that said, what I have been thinking, writing, and talking about lately has been "white". First from Miami, with the minimal paintings with high price tags, then the beach, then all the snow in Santa Fe and on the return trip. Now I have actually started two in the new series of "white" paintings. But it doesn't stop there

I have a new commission, for four square paintings which will be hung together to create a 108" square -- you guessed it -- white. I think it's for a Vegas casino. I attracted this commission to me by concentrating so hard. Well, that's one theory, anyway.

And I've also heard from the Harrah's people again. It seems that another art company is not able to provide 26 framed paintings for the retail store, and the designer called me for help. She's in a panic and asked if I could get the order done with a Feb 5 deadline. I said yes. Actually I need something for these idle hands to do, and I think it bodes well for a continued relationship. How cool is that?


CMC said...

Congratulations on the Harrah's deal, Robin. I've never actually articulated what you were referring to about attraction. However, it wouldn't surprise me at all. I suppose we are all atuned to "seeing" what we are looking for. What I mean is that sometimes it does seem that every where you look you see references to what is interesting to you the most "at the moment". I don't know how this exactly translates into your "white" commissions but maybe with a big stretch....and a lot of hard work.

Anonymous said...

One of the most interesting shows I've curated was 20 piece all white texture, pattern, design in sizes from 36 x 36 painting to an 8 x 10 construction. The artist was so-o-o creative in everything she did and the show was well-received. I think you'll have a great time with your 'white' period!

You are right about thinking positive thoughts. I think it makes you aware of opportunities which come your way. Sometimes negative thoughts hide the message! ( I doubt that you ever miss the message.)