Saturday, December 30, 2006

Winter Vacation

Chairs on the patio over 24 hours. It's been snowing the whole time, and still continues. We have over 3 feet right now.
One thing about a major snowstorm when you are on vacation is that after you've played in it a bit, there's nothing else to do. Roads are closed, can't even get the car out of the garage (which I'm lucky to have). We've walked to town, and there are people milling about on foot, but nothing is open. The highway has actually been plowed a number of times, but without four wheel drive, can't get to it. The interstates are all closed from here to the Texas border in one direction, and to Colorado on the other.

I've never seen so much snow in my whole life.

Which brings me to the visual quality of it. I've seen photos of icebergs and marveled at the strong blue color. I didn't think it was real. Today I have seen the smallest hint of that blue at the bottom of a hole in a three foot pile of snow. There's no blue sky, so it's not a factor of reflection. It's the blue of water, of light refracting in snow. The color of birth, of beginnings, of hope, optimism. That's what I see in that blue.


Christine Cassidy said...

Hi neighbor! We're in El Dorado, happily snowed in, watching movies, reading blogs. We also are taking pictures because I can't believe how much snow we got. Don't forget to feed the birds! We had to shovel out the quail block so they could get to it. I'm enjoying it a lot though, makes me feel like I'm back in New England. This ought to put a dent in that drought of ours!

Anonymous said...

it is so amazing the eyes of an artist-the vivid lovely descriptions in your blog can even make the blind see and appreciate the beauty that is seen through your soul-oh if only more of us with perfect vision could open our hearts and minds as you do- thank you once again for another awesome view from such a lovely soul- can't hardly wait for the next journey-