Friday, December 29, 2006


I said that I was attracted to white -- and that's what we've got here in Pecos, NM. It's a whiteout! Snow has been steadily falling for more than 24 hours. At times it seemed like styrofoam pellets instead of flakes, but now visibility is next to zero as the flakes spill from dark clouds.

Of course none of that kept me home, safe and warm. Instead I got my camera and headed up into Santa Fe Forest in Pecos Canyon. Good thing I bought an all wheel drive car! Roads were treacherous, and the deeper we worked our way into the canyon the deeper the drifts of snow. Pulling off in a familiar turnout, we slipped (literally) down to river level, and with so much snow it was difficult to tell where the edge was. I found it with a loud crack as I stepped off into snow covered icy water. Luckily there was an adjacent tree branch to save my life (and camera).

All of this weather has the highways closed, and now that I have come to my senses and come back home, is forcing me to watch old movies and burn scented candles. Ha! Just what I love!


Karen Jacobs said...

Take care, girl! I've got enough to worry about without you slipping into an icy river! KJ

emily dg said...

Good Grief! Here I am in Altoona w/out a flake of snow! And yes, take care!