Monday, January 01, 2007

Starting With White

First Light on the Pecos River
Everywhere I look it's white. Even whiter now that the sun has come out, and the snow is reflecting the blue of the New Mexico sky. I've been gone from the studio long enough that my fingers are itchy -- ready for nice white canvases.

I've been reading blogs about resolutions. I try not to set myself up for failure by being realistic. One thing I really am going to work on this year is getting a grip on the paperwork that clogs up my office. I just met a super-organized woman who has a paperless office. The idea of that intrigues me, so I talked to her at length. She scans everything, then throws the paper away. She keeps digital records (constantly backed up). I can do that!

I'm joining Weight Watchers when I get home. I really want to lose about twenty pounds. I would feel better.

I am going to start applying to museum shows. I will quit censuring myself, and judging my paintings as not good enough. I'm plenty good enough, and this year will paint more for myself. I'm ready to move to another level.

As soon as I have a body of work I'm in love with, I will print up some marketing materials and start sending it out to the appropriate galleries that I was introduced to at Art Basel.

Are these resolutions? I guess so.

At the first of every year I examine the year before and ask myself, what worked and what didn't? That determines my actions going forward. 2006 was a really good year for me. I've been blessed in many ways. Thank you to everyone reading these words. You are part of me, as I am you - the collective consciousness. Let's all create our dreams.


Bobbi A. Chukran, Author said...

Happy New Year, Robin! Impressive set of plans for the new year. I've always thought your work was better than "good enough" for museums/galleries, etc. I've always admired how you work, and how you manage to do so without lots of inventory. I wonder if that will bug you, having lots of paintings sitting around in between shows, etc.? Good luck on the paperless office thing...

bobbi c.

Karen Jacobs said...

Fantastic photo! Is that the river you almost slid into? Nice recovery ;-) In awe of all you do, still fun to watch! KJ

Anonymous said...

Paperless office... to me that's just "outta sight outta mind". I never did manage to clear my email intray in 2006. Slightly more seriously, depending on what digital camera you've got, taking a photo can be faster than scanning.

I really love the series of chair photos from Saturday, gradually disappearing into snowy shapes. And I guess it's growing up in a warm climate, but I've never got tired of playing in the snow (though I have been persuaded it was sensible to now come indoors).

Have a great 2007!

Walker said...

Yes Karen - that's the same river!
Re: paperless office
I'll let everyone know how that turns out. Sounds really good -- but like Marion, I'm in the out-of-sight-out-of-mind group. We'll see!

Chris Ousley said...

Nice shot!