Thursday, December 28, 2006

Pictures of Nothing

One of my favorite places in Santa Fe has nothing to do with blue sky and shadows on adobe walls. It's the Borders bookstore at Sambusco center. It's a hangout for readers, coffee drinkers, and more recently "alternative" teens.

I rarely take the time at home to relax with a good book, but I've got a doozy sitting in my lap right now while I wait for the promised snowstorm to show up. It's "Pictures of Nothing" by Kirk Varnedoe, former lecturer at the National Gallery of Art. This book presents a series of his lectures on abstract art since Pollock. I am devouring it in my quest for knowledge about modern art, sparked by my visit to Art Basel. Yes, I am still being influenced by that.

I'm being attracted to white, to the palest definition of color. One more reason why my eyes are constantly darting to the window searching for the slightest flake of snow in the wintry air.

I'm thinking about making changes in the new year. It might be time to reinvent myself again. Upgrade. I have some new ideas, and I want to present them in a different way this time. Less obvious. Lighter.

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Anonymous said...

UMMM???? Sounds like what I've been doing---Was just at the Winter Park Border's this afternoon, and have been going "lighter" for a while. Must be something going on in the "Collective Consiousness"''
Merry merry merry holiday to you and yours. Luv
Linda S.