Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Hotel Installations

Marriott Waverly reception desk, Atlanta, GA

When I do commissioned work for hotels it invariably is a long process. First the designer decides on the paintings, and provides sizes. I quote to my client (art consultant). Then I forget about it and go on to the next thing. Some months later I will receive a purchase order. Sometimes so much time has passed that I don't even remember it and I have to look through my files to refresh my memory. Occasionally I have quoted something that I don't even remember how to do. Regardless, at this point I usually have a very short deadline. This is because I don't get a purchase order until my client (art consultant) has received a PO and a deposit check from the design firm or purchasing agent.

The installation above is a good example of this. There are eleven pieces, abstract paintings on wood platforms. When I painted this job some months ago, I had about two weeks fabrication time. I was pressured daily to provide digital images of the work so that it could be approved as I painted it. It was a relief to finish the commission. I assumed it would be installed within a week, but almost two months have passed and just today I received photos of the paintings which were installed last week.


Karen Jacobs said...

Worth the wait! Looks great, but I sorta want to rearrange the paintings a bit... maybe a little higher, but that could be the perspective.

Walker said...

yea, me, too!

Annette Bush said...

You've got some good stuff going, Robin. This one looks good. I bet it is just right in person.

Joyce said...

This installation is lovely! I wish the lights didn't interfere with my seeing the paintings though. (I would take the lights down so the paintings would show in all their glory.)