Thursday, September 21, 2006

Site Specific Art

A client called me yesterday asking for very specific imagery for a hotel in Denver. Truth be told I haven't been to Denver in a long time, certainly not since I bought a high-res digital camera. The last photos I took there were film, and just personal travel shots. I doubt that I could even locate them. So I made a proposal to fly to Denver if the hotel will provide a free room, and I'll take all the shots they want if they promise to buy a certain dollar value of photography from me. Doesn't that sound like a win-win? I get to go to Colorado (I want to anyway) and add to my growing database of professional images, and they get the exact photos they want.

I'm having my new TV and sound system installed today. I remember the days you could buy a TV, bring it home, plug it in and watch it. Everything is so much more complicated these days, especially since I have a whole surround sound system. What a mess.

I'm throwing a few things in a carryon and flying to south Texas this afternoon. It's a family visit to see my dad, sister and niece. It's a short visit, I'll be home on Saturday.


Karen Jacobs said...

When the heck do you have time to watch TV? Good 'on feet thinking' re the Colorado deal. You really are fun to watch!

Annette Bush said...

Perfect win-win. Something only you can do.

Lisa Call said...

Good negotiating!

Colorado is beautiful this time of year. You'll love it. (okay - it's raining today and might snow on saturday but it'll warm up again)