Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Art in Hospitals

My newest project is in New Jersey. I am working with a NYC designer, who apparently has been through at least one other artist. There are two 24 foot walls of lightboxes, divided into six foot sections, and one 10 foot wall in 5 foot sections. The designer wants something similar to my photo panels only I will have to work on plexi. It is a challenge for me -- one that I welcome. My background in stained glass certainly comes into play here, for the knowledge of how transmitted light affects the appearance of the panels.

I couldn't be happier!

And since all things go in cycles (with me at least), I quoted a new healthcare project yesterday which is located in North Carolina, four 22 foot long canvases, plus two 3' x 5' paintings. Looks like my fall season will be busy.


Karen Jacobs said...

Those panels will be soooo coooool!

Walker said...

I sure hope so!