Tuesday, July 18, 2006

First In First Out

That's FIFO, a common accounting term, but also what happens to paintings in my studio. Today I clear out two big projects, both going to hotels in Atlanta. I got final approval late yesterday, so this morning I will do a visual check of all pieces. That's essential, because it's easy to overlook an edge, as I discovered yesterday. These are 3" deep platforms, and I've hung them on my slant wall to paint. As I have turned them this way and that to find the best composition, I found several edges that needed repainting. Some artists like to paint the edges black, but I think it's much more interesting to carry the design all around the edge.

And I've been asked to create a new piece which will hang across the lobby from one of these installations - it's 48 x 60. I'm not sure I have any creative juice left!

I'll be so glad to get all these platforms out of here - my "art space" is flowing out into the living room and the guest room!

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