Tuesday, July 18, 2006


Yesterday I gathered up finished artwork, some that I just hadn't looked at in awhile, some packed away in flat files, and some that returned from consignment. With all that and these two projects still stacked around my studio and overflowing in to the living room, I am overstocked with artwork.

I was able to send a potential new client in California a long list of inventory for her to show for a presentation, that was good. And my client here in Dallas was supposed to show up this afternoon so we could load up both our trucks and get these projects out of my studio and into the gallery where they will be packed for shipping. She got busy with something else, but I hope she has a plan, because I'm not moving these heavy things one more time. Who needs the gym when I'm moving 4 ft sq paintings (on 3" deep wooden platforms) back and forth and back and forth. Since it's a project all hung together, I have to see how the pieces all relate to each other. The pictures above are how the installation will be arranged at the hotel (it's a 30 ft span), and how it looks now in my living room. You can click on the photos for a bigger view.

Also have all the resin pieces laid out. There are six of them - can't see them all in the photo.

Now keep in mind that I have all this artwork leaning up against walls, TV, sofas, etc., and I have two dogs (boxers) and two cats. Sound safe? unh unh I really needed my client to show up today...but it's already after 4:00pm. sigh

Well, there's nothing to be done about it now. I've showered and cooled off, it's well over 100 today, and I'm a lucky girl. Guess I'll get back to counting my blessings now.


CMC said...

Wow.....they look great, Robin. I can see what you mean about painting around the sides of those pieces.....

Martha Marshall said...

I love them! Especially the extreme leaf closeup.

At 3" deep those things are like sculpture - and just about as heavy I'm sure!

emily dg said...

Wow, is right! I'm working on my space problem too...going to fix up the basement/garage and see how that works (I've got a bichon, four cats and two little gals 4 and 3...yes, I flich whenever they near my art stuff).

I also have a question...do you paint the leaves/branches on your painting or are they collaged on? I can't tell if they are painted on or photographed...beautiful, either way!

Walker said...

Painting around the sides of a big platform can add a lot of material and time to a project. I always charge for it.

Some of the leaves are on the resin project, which is photography, but some are painted, and I've used hand-cut stencils for those to create the relief.

Anonymous said...

Lovely work, Robin.