Thursday, April 13, 2006

Castle Walls

Monday April 10
Rain in the early morning darkness as we load up the car to drive Debbie to the airport. She has had the time of her life and doesn't want to leave, but off she goes. Raya and I make a day of it as we take all the tiny country roads on our return.

The first surprise came when we followed a sign to a "grotte" which we imagined was a grotto and might be interesting. We were right -- but imagine my surprise to see the rushing water drop into a green basin, and the road I am driving entered the cave with no announcement. We both immediately ducked our heads, although there was plenty of room. It was so much fun driving through it that we turned around and did it again going the other way.

And as always happens, we later rounded a curve that took our breath away. The Pyrenees loomed over an expansive green valley studded with white bloomed trees and tended fields. Snow clouds hovered over the highest peaks, and the new snow reflected intermittent sunshine. Once we recovered from that visual extravaganza we were assaulted again with the view of a large medieval castle lording over the town of Foix. We climbed the worn spiral steps of the highest tower to arrive at a viewpoint encompassing the entire valley town and the closest range of the Pyrenees, all the way around us.

For over one hundred years the castle had been used as a jail, and on the inner stone walls of some rooms, graffitti is still readily visible, carved into the soft stone. In more than one place the word "innocent" can be deciphered.

Inspiration for the day: Graffitti in Foix castle

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I'm confused now? Are you a artist,photograher or an author-your daily journeys in your blog brightens my day-I'll buy the book-you are a delight to follow-viva la robin