Thursday, April 13, 2006

Dali-ing Around

Saturday April 8
Spent the night in a resort-type hotel on the outskirts of Figueres, Spain. A gourmet meal sitting comfortably in my belly and silky white sheets made for a good night's sleep.

It still took several turns around town before we located the Dali museum. Once we saw it we couldn't understand why it wasn't immediately visible from all our previous routes. It's a rust color, studded with things that look like dinner rolls, and topped by a sentinel of eggs. Yes, huge eggs line the top of the building. Off on another wing, a glass geodesic dome.

Then we went in, and I was immediately puzzled and intrigued. It's an eclectic collection of precise and well-executed paintings side by side with what appear to be bad 3d assemblages. I bought the museum book so I can study it later. On our way out of town I noticed all the sculptures in the centers of the roundabouts, and the many painted walls and mosaics created by Dali. Funny how information increases awareness.

The last tourist stop was the Spanish town of Cadaques, on the coast. It's where Dali painted and many other artists joined him there over the years. It is situated in proximity to Coulliere, France, but has an energy about it that is distinctly different. We ate seafood on the beach.

We were home in a flash once we decided to put the cameras away and take pictures with our eyes. Everyone was glad to see us and hear about the adventure.

Inspiration of the day: Dali

Sunday April 9
Rest day, and clean up. That afternoon I wandered over to the studio with a piece of Debbie's luggage and painted a Mediterranean scene on one side, Dali-esque eyes on the other. Now she can spot her suitcase in a flash coming off the conveyor. I should have taken a picture of it! It's the most painting I have done. Raya joined me in the studio. She has been the most productive of all of us, painting almost every day. I left her there and drove to the lake, which I had just discovered. Did a little shooting, there's another nice church in a village on the other side of the lake.

Inspiration of the day: Lac Montbel (the lake)


Joyce said...

Robin, I enjoy your descriptions very much. I hope you can post some Dali pics when you have time.

Martha Marshall said...

Still reading, Robin! What fun. Can't wait to see some of your pictures.

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