Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Art Marketing

Just a few clients supply most of my sales. Over the years I have developed close relationships with them, so that we work together in partnership. Occasionally I worry that I rely on them too much, and make an effort to expand my client base.

My clients are art consultants. When they buy art it is not for inventory, but for a particular project. I specialize in the hotel market, but also do some corporate offices. In this industry there are always deadlines for delivery. Because of that, art consultants look for artists who have talent, but also a well developed business sense. For them it is vital that the painting is delivered on time. To get new business from one of these companies takes (1) good art (2) good marketing materials (3) a web presence (4) responsiveness and (5) constant follow up. It's not usually necessary to send original art to a potential client, but it's imperative to send good visuals. And to follow up! Again and again and again. If you don't they will forget you.

And that's where I lose them. Since I am busy, and painting commission work every day - it's really hard to take the time to look beyond my studio. I'm working on that.

Yesterday I began 4 24" abstract paintings in the "Storms" series for a sales rep in California. I am painting them all at the same time.

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