Thursday, October 20, 2005

Art and Technology

As an experimental artist, I admit that I use Photoshop a lot. I use it to create mockups for clients, for marketing, and for my vast photography inventory. I am dependent on this program for much of my work.

Which makes it very frustrating when there's trouble. Like today. I have a series of photos that I took in Arizona last week of fog coming off a lake. They are beautiful ethereal photos. Several of them feature a boat and fisherman barely discernable in the mist. That fisherman went to great lengths to locate me once he learned that he was the subject of my photos. He found me last Saturday night at the opening reception of a group show I am in in Pinetop, AZ. He wants those photos.

Problem is Photoshop! I have already spent hours tweaking settings as suggested by the Adobe site with no results. I have rebooted my computer countless times.

How is it that I have gotten so dependent on a software program that I can't produce art?

Have to think about that.

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