Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Artistic License

My publisher has lost their Art Director. I have been with the same publisher for open edition prints for more than 5 years. When I went to Art Expo NYC in March I talked to other publishers, just in case. Now I suppose I should contact those who showed an interest. Problem is that my work is so varied. Mostly publishers want to show one style of an artists work, and I get so bored painting one thing. If you have taken a look through my 100 page website you would see that. But sometimes I finish a painting that says "I would make a great print!". I have a couple of those right now.

Licensing is an area that most artists don't know about. I love it because it gets my work in the hands of people who couldn't afford originals, and it provides quarterly royalties to me. Can't beat that.

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andrea said...

Robin -- Just discovered your blog via Robert Genn's letter. Your first repsonses are spam and you can block them by activating spam guard (I think that's the name...) on Blogger.

Re. open edition prints: check out my blog and the sidebar (Art For All Of Us) if you are interested in a new limited edition publishing venture. (Now it sounds like I'm spamming you! :)) Your work is fascinating and I'm looking forward to seeing more!