Thursday, May 29, 2008

Delivered and Moving On

I couldn't have been happier to deliver the 6 1/2 foot long double-sided resin box on Tuesday. I started it before I went out of town so the resin would have a chance to completely cure, and that's what saved me on that project. But the last step was pouring resin on the top, and I'm afraid I got a little cocky since everything had gone so well, and poured too much resin on the top, and it started running down the sides. I cursed loudly while grabbing a roll of paper towels and a bottle of alcohol. I caught it before it did any damage (thank goodness), but I was terrified at that point, thinking how close I came to ruining the whole thing. I was much more careful after that, and once the resin was spread, I closed the room up in plastic, and left it to cure. I applied car wax on it before delivery, and it looked really great.

There were five large paintings for that project, too, but they were photo paintings that I can do with my eyes closed now that I've done so many. Now it's delivered and invoiced I feel much better!

So it's on to the three other commissions I have in the studio. One is a 7' x 4' grid painting for a construction company. I've got the background painted, but haven't finished the design work. There's a second grid painting for a suite at Texas Clinic, it's a little smaller, 36 x 60. And the colors are completely different, as is the subject matter.

The third is a commission I finished yesterday, a 30" x 30" in the Glorieta series, for a law office downtown Dallas.

Also have been working on a lot of concepts for two large hotel projects. Developing new images is really hard. I have to create something from nothing in order to differentiate myself from other artists. I want to stand apart, but in a good way. There's a fine line. But I always love a challenge.

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