Thursday, May 22, 2008

Incompatible Materials

As a mixed media artist I have tried a wild assortment of materials to create artwork. Some work together and some don't. I try to think it through, but without being a chemist I don't always succeed.

This time it's the resin box that's the problem. Most varnishes work better on a horizontal surface. I found that out on the last resin boxes when I varnished the sides and made a big mess. This time I sealed the paint with a Golden UV polymer varnish, which worked great but did not give me the high gloss shine I was looking for. So I tried polyurethane over the top of it. Wrong! It's mineral spirits based and the surface immediately alligatored. I was able to remove it (quickly), clean with soap and water, sand, repaint, re-varnish with additional coats of the Golden varnish. Whew!

Today all the sides are varnished and dry. Two sides have resin, and the top will get resin today. And I'm done!

Also have five photo paintings with this project, and I'm on number five right now, so I will meet my deadline of next Tuesday with time to spare.

It's a good thing, too, since I have been the victim of identity theft.

Since returning home from three weeks away I've slowly been going through the big sack of mail. I pay all my bills online so I don't usually get anything high priority through the mail. This time I was surprised to find six new credit cards and four letters from credit card companies asking for more information in response to applications. I did not apply for any credit cards, and apparently have really good credit, because the companies happily set up new accounts for me. Yesterday I spent mostly on the phone with credit bureaus, the police, and each and every account that was opened. Also discovered four fraudulent charges on an existing credit card and had to cancel it, too.

I don't see the benefit to a thief of setting up new accounts and having the cards come to me. They sure know a lot about me, and that has me nervous.


Martha Marshall said...

Oh Robin -- I'm so sorry to hear that. That is truly creepy. Good thing they forgot to change the billing address on those new accounts.

Joanie Gagnon San Chirico said...

OH, that stinks! I don't understand it either, very strange though. Hope you fix it quickly and with no more surprises on your end!

Annette Bush said...

Glad you are back and in control. The identity theft this is scary -- seems to be happening to lots of people. Will be hoping you get it straightened out.

Walker said...

The identity theft is a scary thing, but apparently it hasn't impacted me financially, other than a few charges on an existing credit card which I immediately cancelled. Odd that a thief would apply for credit in my name and have the cards sent to me!