Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Painting Again

It's been awhile since I've actually painted. I've been too busy at the computer conceptualizing (which is equally important).

I'm painting today, but it's not really a good thing. I had painted the abstract above, then took it to get transparencies and a scan. The scan was terrible. I didn't know how terrible, since I no longer had the original painting. So I processed it as best as I could, and printed the giclee in three 44"w x 60"h panels. Then four coats of varnish.

Once it was delivered and compared to the original painting, whoa - the blue color was way off. So off it went to the designer for approval. She liked the blue color fine, but did not like the shading of the curvy swirls. So today I am painted those swirls white with a pearlized finish. It's not easy. Takes three coats of paint. And I guess I'll have to varnish again when I'm done. I have gesso all over me, and I've had to be very careful to not get paint where it doesn't belong. aaaack!

Tomorrow is a new day, however, and my friend Helen is coming to town from Berkeley. She's here for this weekend's conference, the College Art Association and the Women's Caucus for Art. And Friday night there are lots of gallery events, including my own show with TexasWAX.


Anonymous said...

Your artwork is absolutely amazingly beautiful. I would put it all over my house if I had the money. Keep up the good work.

CMC said...

I am so terrible. I've been just running, running and haven't posted the Texas Wax Dallas show on my blog....

See ya at the reception Friday night.