Saturday, February 16, 2008

Reading Things Wrong

I made a mistake. Joanne Mattera will not be at the meeting of the Texas WAX group today. She has promised, however, to stop by our exhibition next Friday night at CAMP, 2631 Commerce St. Suite B, Dallas, TX 75226, from 6-8. Come see the show of Texas WAX artists!

I'm up to my creative eyeballs in work. This is the cerebral part, not hands-on, but brain-on. Have two new local projects looking for art. One is a project I've already got the PO for, and it's all design work, for a 3d installation piece with almost 30 components. That's the kind of project I stress over, because I am doing all the design, in multiple mediums, and have to arrange each piece to coordinate with every other element. Things like this always make me crazy, but it's so satisfying when it's all done and on the wall.

And resin is haunting me again, in the project I just mentioned, and also another one. There are fifteen pieces of cast resin, and they want a cleat embedded in the back for hanging. Yikes, have to do a sample to see if the two plastics are compatible.

Who would have ever thought that being an "artist" could be so demanding. Jeez! (I love it!)

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Anonymous said...

If you ever get too much work and you feel like my work would work, hook it up. I won't let anyone down and I am all about the deadline too.