Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Art That Matches the Sofa

My specialty is creating artwork for hotels. A big part of my income is derived from creating and printing guestroom art. My clients are commercial designers for high end properties who don't want to use posters that are readily available. They want something custom that matches the decor of the room. Yes, art that matches the sofa! I am not opposed to creating this type of artwork, in fact, it's a challenge for me. I think it's good exercise in keeping the creative juices flowing.

I get tired of it, though, and that's when I want to paint huge abstracts with wild abandon.

None of that is happening today, though, as I finish up that crazy painting-over-a-giclee process. Then I'll get ready to pick up Helen (from Berkeley) from the airport and visit a few galleries with her. I'm picking up a big purchase order today, too.

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