Saturday, September 22, 2007

Painting and Printing

Current shot of the Texas Clinic grid painting. I've moved it to my top row of nails so I can paint the bottom.

It seems like a never ending cycle. And I'm really having trouble multi-tasking. There are three major components to my artwork production right now. Digital mockups,( including processing digital photographs), printing, and painting. I can't move between painting and printing because of contamination. Paint, I mean. If it gets on me, it will surely travel to a print easily. Can't have that.

I'm enjoying the painting process so much I let the printer stop. I have to take a shower and scrub myself before I can start it up again because I have completely lost track of how many images I've printed. I have to count and pack, and get them out of the way so they're protected.

I'm planning to get out of the house for awhile today and attend the 40th Anniversary celebration of Southwest Gallery. Several of my friends will be there and it will be nice to be social for a change.

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