Thursday, September 20, 2007

Deadline Monsters

Texas Clinic grid painting, 120" x 60", in progress

I'm scared of a deadline. But it's a healthy fear that completely motivates me. Over the years I have found that lacking a deadline I don't do much. These days I'm in overdrive. I really did not fully grasp how long printing these 900+ images would take. I was up at 4:15 this morning changing paper in one of the printers. I still don't know if I'll make the deadline. These are big images and take almost 20 minutes to print one. That means 8 12 hour days for the batch! I'm running the printer longer than that, but still it takes time to tally, to change ink and paper, to pack, etc. I decided not to sign them just because I didn't want to spend the time to do it.

I do feel like the printing is under control, though, and I'm back to the studio painting. The picture above shows the progress of the grid painting for Texas Clinic. I usually design these paintings digitally, make a printout, then change things as I feel it. I've marked off the grids, and started underpainting. Since this painting is already finished in my mind I'm relaxed and enjoying the process.

Got a call from the framer yesterday and everything for the solo show is completed, so that's off my mind, too. I install Oct 2 and the show runs through Nov5 at the Smith Art Gallery and Scott and White hospital in Temple, TX.

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