Tuesday, August 28, 2007

New Project Today

Got a new project to start, 15 abstract paintings, line drawings on painted backgrounds. My client will give me three colors to match to.

And I'm in the big middle of printing images for Texas Clinic, since yesterday's printing for the Ritz went so smoothly. I'm loving my new printer, it's twice as fast as my old one, and that means a lot when I'm printing multiples.

Still waiting for that PO for room art for a local Sheraton, almost a thousand pieces. It was supposed to be here last week, but nothing yet.

And I'm painting. I got a good start on a new Glorieta painting yesterday, this one for my solo show in October.

Inspiration of the Day: Primary Colors


Joy Logan said...

Just love mixed medium myself. Found your site on Cheryls. I am adding you to my blog if you don't mind. Love your art.

LOUKA said...

i like your blog containt!

Walker said...

thank you!