Thursday, August 30, 2007

Doing a Walk-Through

It's been awhile since I worked as an art consultant and was responsible for art placement. I'm doing it now with Texas Clinic, and thank goodness I remembered that things in the construction industry change and nobody tells you. So that's why I wasn't too surprised yesterday when I did a walk-through of the building.

There are doors in places where art is supposed to hang. There are glass walls that aren't on the blueprints. There are new walls where they weren't before. All in all, several things changed and I have to adapt my placement for it. One thing I did was eliminate one large original in the first floor lobby and make the custom designed grid painting bigger. I ordered the canvas today, 120w" x 60"h x 4". woo hoo!

I'll be printing this weekend so I can start taking things to the framer. My goal is to finish this job ahead of schedule. I really want to take a trip in October -- to photograph fall color and waterfalls. Hopefully Nancy's ankle will have healed up enough by then for her to hobble around and hold on to her tripod for support. I know she'd kill me if I went without her!

I finished a painting for my solo show today. It's another Glorieta painting, photo coming soon.

Also have some printing to do for a big presentation next week for a giant hotel project in Central Texas. Doing some cool stuff, printing on metal, and maybe doing some cast resin. This is a project where we are competing against another company so it's whoever has the coolest design gets the job. Oh boy!

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Annette Bush said...

As usual -- Inspiring. Exhausting. Love it!