Monday, August 27, 2007

Printing for the Ritz

Rain on Pine, 22 x 16, Ritz Carlton hotel spa, Dallas

I truly am getting a kick out of doing all this work for the Dallas Ritz Carlton hotel. It's not even the money, it's the prestige. Guess I should add it to my resume pronto.

Got home from Chicago last night, too weary to work, so I was up at 5:45 am already prepping photos for print. The Ritz photos are all 22 x 16. They are printed and signed, ready for tomorrow's delivery. They'll probably be on the wall by the end of the week. I've GOT to go down there and take pictures of the installation!

A phone call from Scott and White gallery in Temple, TX served as a needed reminder of my solo show there in October. I don't have much time to get thirteen framed paintings together.

Also have received confirmation of the order for 15 small abstract paintings. Hopefully I can do them fast, because I sure am stretched for time!

Heard from my broken legged friend Nancy that she is back in Florida, been to a doctor and indeed must have surgery on Friday to put pins and plates in her ankle. So we won't be doing our fall colors photo tour this year. sigh Poor Nancy!


Martha Marshall said...

Ouch! I'm sorry to hear about Nancy. That's awful.

Congratulations on all this good stuff happening for you. Any hints what you're going to put in your show?

Anonymous said...

Glad you are home and busy! Sorry about Nancy's ankle, but glad she got home safely. These days that can be a trick!

5:45????? You are a living ball of energy! Could I have a little of it? You truly are amazing!