Monday, October 30, 2006

New Technology

Learning new software and other various technology is such a struggle for me. My predominant right brain really tries to get along and work together with the left, with little success.

I'm learning a new cataloging software program for my photography, so I can easily create redundant backups. The photography part of my business has become too valuable to treat casually.

I'm creating a new website for photography by learning a new combination of software programs (one embedded in the other) so that I can keep my two businesses separate, yet each site can be easily updated. I'm leaning towards a simple blog style for both my painting and photography sites.

It's Monday so I like to think about these things before I get in the studio and paint all day.

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Anonymous said...

Getting used to a new computer, so I missed commenting on your watch gear photo -- one of the best. No wonder your photography business is valuable!