Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Take Every Picture

My first photo shoots as a professional were guided by my own idea of what would sell in my market. Thank goodness I moved away from that and started shooting everything that I loved. Such is the case of the image above, part of a series from Budapest. In my commercial market I would never expect to sell an image with religious connotations - yet I've just sold six.

I work best when I am under pressure. In addition to printing the six architecturals, I have four florals, a large beach scene and a palm image in the queue. I am still waiting for the PO for six eight foot long photo panels, the stretcher bars are taking up too much room in my studio. And I received a PO yesterday for four 40 x 50 abstracts on canvas. All this to be completed before I go to Santa Fe Nov. 14. Scary!


Joyce said...

I love the photo and admire mightily your work ethic. Such love for your endeavours is an inspiration to us all.

Walker said...

Thanks Joyce - usually I can't tell the difference between love and obsession, but I'm glad someone else besides me is being inspired!