Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Running in Place

It always happens when I plan a trip. My clients panic. So I have them in panic mode, I have 12 painted boxes to complete in the next week (I'm on #2), and a 6 ft abstract painting. I've also been scrubbing the cow skulls in preparation for adornment. I'll go to the World Trade Center tomorrow and hopefully find some appropriate gems for that project.

Since completing the massive print job, and knowing that big check will be in my hand in a day or two, I've been rethinking the printing business. There's an auction tomorrow which includes a number of 60" HP printers. I went to preview today, and I just can't decide if I should buy another printer (and computer to run it from) if I can get it cheap. There's 20 of them at the auction, all about 2 years old. But am I a printer or a painter? Or do I have to choose. I just don't know....

I'm going to rent a 400mm lens for my trip to Yellowstone. I have a good zoom, a 70-200 2.8, but a 400 would sure come in handy in a place where you can't get close to things. It's cheap, only $200 for a week, and I'll split that with my traveling partner.

I have solved a problem that's been cropping up more and more. Clients have started asking for stretched canvases, on 2" deep bars. That's not a standard size. The gallery wrap bars measure only 1 1/2". So I got a diagram of a 2" profile from a moulding company and had my handyman Ken custom make some 2" bars. Great solution. Now if I can teach him how to stretch the canvas, I'll be covered.

I feel so busy but not accomplishing much. sigh


Martha Marshall said...

Does this mean you'll be shipping the stretched canvases? Ouch.

There are 2-1/2" depths available commercially. Would that work? He might even do 2" custom ones. I've been happy with his product.

CMC said... canvas people here in Longview (Sunbelt Mfg.) make any depth you want.All orders are custom so you can just call them in an order to try them out.

It's two inch ones I did the Brown/Black small paintings on. A friend brought them to me as she never was getting around to painting on anything but paper.

Ouch is right on shipping unless they are small ones.