Saturday, June 17, 2006

Skill Set

It seems that every time I'm ready to "blog", Blogger isn't. So it is that these posts have gone from "daily" to "when Blogger is up".

I've never proclaimed myself to be a great artist, so I didn't have high expectations when I attended a figure drawing session in Esperaza France in April. The above drawing is a blind contour done in about 30 seconds. It's not very good technically, but I like it better than some of the others which were better executed.

I am still printing. I have new best friends at the local ink/paper supply store. Everybody calls me by name and asks about the project. And I get gifts with every order. I have a new Nikon backpack, and a nifty ice chest, along with the newest Digital Photo Pro magazine and a pen. Needless to say I wa-a-a-a-ay underestimated the hard costs of this print job. The last print is the biggest one, measuring 34 x 22, and I'm losing my *ss on it. This is the deal killer, the one that sucks the profit from the rest of the job. I should have taken the royalties and let the client print it. Damn!

In the meantime, I have approval for two more photo paintings (big ones) and have them on my table right now. Have also started priming the 12 boxes for the hotel registration installation. Need to finish the first in that project (a 30 x 40 x 3"deep box) by Monday so I can get the go-ahead for the rest of the pieces.

Also have to drive out to Las Colinas this afternoon to visit a Mexican restaurant to see the decor. I've been commissioned to paint a 6 ft long abstract - the first for a chain of these new eateries. Have to do a good job so they'll use me everytime.

All these project are current and need to be completed by the end of the month since I'm spending the first week in July in Yellowstone and the Grand Tetons on a photo shoot.


CMC said...

Losing it, huh! I don't have to feel bad that I haven't gone out to buy a big printer. :>)
You have got SOME energy, girl.

Pat said...

I love that drawing, Robin. Don't think you showed it at 'show and tell' in France, did you?

You are a ball of energy, friend!

Wyoming in July! Sigh!


Joyce said...

I am astonished that you have enough time to do all the projects you have on the go.

Our national newspaper employs artists one of whom does a lot of blind contour drawings to illustrate news and other stories and I just love to look at them and wonder how they can be so accurate. Yours is a good one!

garyb50 said...

Blind Contour

THE most important exercise ever.

I think if every member of the human race did 2 or 3 blind contour drawings in a row everything would be just fine for 2 or 3 years. Or multiples of 2.

Love the drawing, Robin.