Monday, May 15, 2006

Not a Mom

I spent Mother's Day trying to forget I was a mom. It doesn't feel good to remember the son I lost 15 years ago. It's been so long now that sometimes I question the truth of it.

My studio did not welcome me, but I spent the day in it anyway. I have commissions that will not wait just because I don't feel like working. I plod along.

It's glorious weather here in Dallas, and my front yard is a riot of color and texture. At this I excell!


Karen Jacobs said...

There are many times when I think of you and your loss knowing nothing can ever fill that void. But you are a prime example of making life go on in the very best way and I am in awe of that supreme effort. And, BTW, you are a mom and will always be a mom!

Karen Jacobs said...

Still thinking of you... and came across this info which should be of interest to you:

Joanie Gagnon San Chirico said...

So sorry to read about your loss. I truly believe that our art keeps us sane through hard times and it really helped me through my recent chemo. Have you thought about doing something experimental, just for YOU? Not a commission, but somethign you might want to explore just for yourself.

Pat said...

Robin, I, too, think of you as Karen does, and admire the courage you bring to life. And, yes, you are and always will be a mom. That's an experience you don't lose, no matter what!