Tuesday, May 16, 2006

That Sinking Feeling

One in the series of Locks
I've been having problems with my image cataloging program and spent an hour on the phone with tech support after they supplied inane solutions via email. We finally devised some possible fixes, and while we were talking I was advised to remove the offending files from the catalog and to re-process them. That made sense to me, so I started deleting. My system was slow, so I rebooted, and that was my downfall. When deleting from the catalog I didn't know I was deleting the files from my hard drive. So it is that I've spent the last 7 hours at the keyboard feeling sick to my stomach over permanently lost images. Some have been recovered from backups, and some I have permanently stored on DVD. That's all fine. The only ones I can't recover happen to be those I've taken here in Dallas. So I guess I get to plan a local photo shoot. Whew.

My studio is totally clean, and that has encouraged me to get back in it, so I'm back in production, yay!

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Martha Marshall said...

That's a horrible feeling. So glad they are somewhat reproducible.