Friday, May 12, 2006

Idol Inspiration

I am addicted to American Idol. To me it's a wonderful show to model to today's youth that anything is possible. Presumably this is a group of untarnished young people, doing what they love, and reaping the rewards. In addition, they are artists, and that makes it all a little bit more meaningful to me. It also teaches the value of voting, and in this democratic (but apathetic) society, we all need that lesson.

I've been watching reruns today (I tape each show). I like to see the progression of growth of each contestant as the season ends. Again, it's a powerful reminder to me that practice is everything. It helps me to remember that as I try new things they won't be perfect in the beginning, but that I get better with practice.

There's a new giclee publisher in town. I ran across the company by accident -- well, maybe not. Maybe the universe sent me there. Regardless, we are in negotiations. They want to publish my work, I want giclees printed. We'll see how it all shakes out.

I'm going to Happy Hour this evening, at the local nursery. I need some white impatiens to pop out the other colors in my yard. It seems I am more interested in "painting" my yard than working in the studio.

Still working on my France photos, the one above is a small town close to Andorra, Ax el Thermes. It's known for thermal springs. Three rivers converge right there in town, with houses perched over the edge of the water.

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Annette said...

Good photo, Robin. It really shows the connection to the water. The town is also at the end of one of the most beautiful drives I have taken in France -- has a little of everything! It should be circled on the map for its 'oohs' and 'aahs' factor!!!