Thursday, May 11, 2006

While I Am Waiting

I am in the middle of several commissions. This is the part where I have done the design work and sent them off for approval. In the meantime I took a workshop and created a bracelet from tin cans. Yes, I am a Closet Crafter.

It's an intense group. I felt like I went to a church I wasn't a member of. I don't intend to start making these cool bracelets, but I wanted to learn the techniques of working with tin to incorporate that into my artwork.



Annette Bush said...

Hey. I wanna learn how to do that!

CMC said...

How, too, I crafter, me!

Martha Marshall said...

That is the coolest bracelet! Who'da thought. I do have to keep my inner crafter in check at all times!!!

Joyce said...

I display my artwork with a group of crafters--they are very creative and welcoming.

Alan Kelchner said...

well, I'm shocked. And here, I was thinking you was a serious artist.