Thursday, September 30, 2010

Moving On Up

It's been so long since I "blogged" I forgot my login! So much is happening now I thought I should post an update at least.

My art consulting company Art-Centric LLC with partner Margie Cabe got off to a great start with the JW Marriott Hill Country Resort and Spa project in San Antonio, TX. We provided all the art for public spaces in the hotel, the PGA golf clubhouse, and the Lantana Spa. It was a huge project and I painted a LOT. We completed that in February this year, and took a short break before moving on to projects in Seattle, Portland, Oklahoma, and even in Dallas!

We have been subleasing space from our framer in a huge 50,000 sq ft building which has worked out wonderfully. However, when they announced they were moving we started thinking about what kind of presence we wanted for Art-Centric.

We signed a lease on a showroom/gallery/studio space in the Dallas Design District this week. It's located directly across the street from the Dallas Contemporary museum. We hope that our more public location will bring in some new clients, and make it easier for designers to come visit us.

In other news, I have been on photo shoots in Seattle, San Diego, Wyoming (Yellowstone and the Tetons) and Washington DC. Next month I will be in Acadia for fall color. I have taken on the huge task of cataloging my photo inventory and have over 100,000 images all keyworded. I've started the same process with my painting series so I can keep track and find things when I need them.

I have several new series of paintings, the newest of which is the jazz series (above) for a local restaurant chain. I always said "I don't do people" but these paintings are musicians situated in the French Quarter of New Orleans. I'm having fun with them.

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