Thursday, January 22, 2009

Weather Effects

Winters are different in all parts of the world, but for the most part they bring temperature changes, winds, rain, or something else that's different than summer. Northern California, where I am right now, has a temperate climate. The first week here in mid January was exactly like the week I was here in August. Sunny, high sixties, deep blue skies. The rains have started now, and unlike the torrents that whip through Texas, they are soft and sweet, gently bathing the thirsty vegetation.

Yesterday I watched the rain from this comfy leather chair where I have my laptop set up. This is my favorite seat in the house, so I also sat here to work on a couple of concept drawings. I'll do some more of that today, since it's not going to be a good day to go hiking, kayaking, or even walking around the neighborhood with my camera.

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Annette Bush said...

It's raining in Atlanta, too! We're having fun. We' ve only talked about you a little. Good galleries; good art.