Monday, January 19, 2009


For the past few months I have had an enormous amount of distractions. First I came out of self-imposed exile and created a new social life. Then I moved my painting studio out of my house and into a commercial space I share with my framer. I underestimated the time and energy involved in socializing (yes, dating!) and my work has suffered a bit because of that. Also, instead of painting in my bunny slippers I now have to get dressed and drive to work. aaack!

Now I am traveling (Berkeley, CA) and there are even more things here that I find distracting. There are a huge number of entertainment options, but above and beyond that is the great outdoors. I've been hiking and kayaking, both, and would gladly do a little of each every day. I'm afflicted with the California dream.

Pulling me back down to earth is a commission that I agreed to do while on vacation! Silly me! But I'm headed out to a friend's studio in a bit to work on that. And I have another friend in town visiting from Dallas, and we're hooking up for a couple days, too. By that time the whole two weeks will have flown past me and I'll be headed back to Dallas. I'm trying to remember why I live there when there are so many other options.


Anonymous said...

Well, if you're going to travel, you do have to have a home base doncha? So Dallas isn't so bad. DFW airport is kind of a good center. Fairly mild 4 season weather. GWChimpanzee living just a few miles away ! ! ! !

Mexican food.


Kesha Bruce said...

"I'm trying to remember why I live there when there are so many other options."

California seems to have that effect on everyone.