Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Power Outage

Sometimes after a painting or project is completed I experience a power outage.

I'm having one today. Yesterday my client came over to help me assemble a seven piece installation that they will use as a sales tool on presentations to design professionals. I was rushed to complete it, and wanted it to be my best work. I used an assortment of techniques: painting, photography, cast resin, poured resin, photos on metal and plexi, and a new process of frosted plexi boxes holding sticks, rocks, and other natural elements. I would post a picture of the completed design, but I didn't take any! Nor did I photograph any of the elements. So unlike me!

Today I still have some photography to print, but after that, it's basically a down day, where I regroup for the next project. Alarmingly, I don't know what that is, since my schedule seems completely clear.


Annette Bush said...

Your days in the studio are usually so full -- like Thanksgiving Day. Most of us need a nap after all that preparation and feasting. It's okay to rest up a little.

We'll be waiting along with you with our fingers crossed for the next big project.

CMC said...

ha ha....well how about 6 days and 5 nights of power outage??? Not good for someone like me needing to use the internet for my work contacts I can tell you.

It's a slow going life in the country so far....need reliable high speed internet :>)