Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Good in Every Room

Since I've moved things around and have more room for working in my studio/house, I'm not sure I'm more efficient, but I can work in more rooms at one time. This morning I have a painting on the wall in my studio, large scale photographs for the Ritz Carlton printing in my office, and photo paintings going through my second printer in my alternate print room. That just leaves the kitchen (which I visit often), and the living room where my paperwork table resides.

Today I'm also working outside -- under the carport this time, since there's a chance of rain. These are large abstract canvases, and I'm trying something new -- with the hose standing by in case of disaster. I'm pouring paint on loose canvas. I'm going for a watery ethereal effect, and I hope I can accomplish it, since these paintings are bound for a hotel in Detroit and the deadline was yesterday!

I'm revisiting a design concept that was returned to me yesterday. At least they starred the things they liked and xxxed the things they didn't! It's hard to present concepts without feedback. So that's a new thing on my plate this morning, which will originate right here at the computer, with the hum of the printer in the background.

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Anonymous said...

Doesn't sound like you have a home anymore-just a place to sleep when you fall out from working-you are way too busy