Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Remaining Calm

Travel is anxiety producing, whether you're coming or going. I've already been home a week (today) and I had to be reminded that I hadn't blogged in awhile!

I came home to three purchase orders from three different clients. The dates are tight, and I'm struggling, since they are all paintings. Then I got another PO for five new paintings for the Ritz Carlton hotel in Dallas. That project also includes 12 large scale photographs.

I still haven't finished the 8 ft painting that I started before my month in California. Yikes!

Also, the PO for my huge project in central Texas has come through! I think I have til the end of the year to get 900 castings made in China, and print 2700 images for guest rooms. woohoo!

And for some reason I have loaded myself up with extracurricular activities. I'm going to the gym with my neighbor in the mornings (when we both can), I have Belly Dancing class on Saturdays, and I've joined three local photography groups and a hiking group. I'm reconnecting with old friends and making new ones. I really took to heart what Scott Ginsberg said about getting out of the house. But since I'm me, I'm overdoing.

My Dallas client has asked me to produce a sample 3d installation piece in a size small enough to take to presentations. I've been doing so many mixed-media pieces that photographs can't capture that they need some samples. And I agree -- but how the heck do I work that into my schedule?

Yes, you, too can have these problems. Here's how. If you are an artist, say yes. In fact, what would happen if you said yes to everything? That's what I'm experimenting with right now, which is one reason why I'm so busy all of a sudden! I like it!


Anonymous said...

You're not saying yes to everything.

Anonymous said...

keeping very busy great for you- don't overdo yourself or you will burn out- there are some things you do have to say no to-congrats on all the projects-glad your blogging again

Anonymous said...

i am so glad to meet someone that is just like me and doing way too much. most of the artist a meet dont do any shows and work full time jobs that they hate.