Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Win Some Lose Some

How could I forget to mention that I am in a group show this weekend at the Bath House Cultural Center in east Dallas? There are two concurrent shows, one is printmaking, and the other is encaustic wax. I'm in the encaustic show. The two exhibitions compliment each other nicely. Come see if you are in the Dallas area - Saturday Aug 30, 7-9 at the Bath House, 521 E. Lawther Dr., Dallas. It's on White Rock lake.

That's the "win".

The "lose" is that I was not the chosen photographer for room art for the renovation of what used to be the Adam's Mark hotel in downtown Dallas. It has been rebranded to a Sheraton. They are using photography as room art, and I submitted about 50 pcs of which they chose three for model room. But that's as far as I got. There were 4 model rooms, with 4 different photographers. I don't know who was chosen yet, and I don't know what criteria was considered in the decision. Could have been a framing issue, or budget restrictions, or they just didn't like the imagery. Oh well.

Another event I forgot to mention is that I took part in Scott Kelby's (of Adobe) international "Photo Walk" in downtown Dallas Saturday night. Fifty registered photographers gathered together at the West End and quickly dispersed looking for a winning shot. Submitted photos can be seen at Mine are the ones marked "artgirls".

One last thing. I finally succumbed to the pressure, and I now have a Facebook page.

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Anonymous said...

those are some great photos-good luck with the encaustic show this weekend