Tuesday, April 29, 2008


Starbursts of blue on tall stalks greeted me as I entered my cottage. Each time I opened the door the sudden gust of air would cause the flowerheads to collide and jostle each other. As the days passed some could no longer hold on to their lifeline, and they dropped, in despair, to the tabletop. I would sweep them away.

When it became obvious that there was little life left in the remaining blue stars, I gathered them together and laid them gently as decorating a grave, in my own tiny grassed garden. There they laid, and my last backward glance appreciated the symmetry of the prostrate stems.

Next there were only blue stars, carried off by rainforest mist, some ground into indigo pulp on the tiled sidewalk leading away.

Inspiration of the Day: blue


Bee Skelton said...

Positively poetic. Your holiday is doing you good :)

Walker said...

Thanks Bee!

Annette Bush said...

Looks like you creative juices are flowing, Robin. Can't wait to see how this time away will affect your work back in the studio.