Friday, May 16, 2008

Full House

Travel is such a mind opening experience! On this trip I intentionally set aside my artist's eyes, and enjoyed the landscape and light just as it was. I set aside analyzing and composing that automatically happens in my brain. I quieted myself, and just soaked it all in.

I met lots of great people, and completely relaxed. Even lost a few pounds, always a bonus.

But I returned to thousands of emails, and deadlines that were set before I left town. Immediately, I turned my attention to the studio, and am working on the huge double-sided resin box swore I wouldn't do.

But the most exciting thing was an email from an art consultant in California who I've corresponded with over the past few years, but not actually worked with. She has a project with 300 rooms, and a nice budget for original art for every room. Today I will be focused on creating digital concepts for the project. This is a great opportunity for me with a new client, so the creative juices are flowing!

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