Thursday, April 10, 2008

Sculpture, Illustrations, and Berry Stains

The past few days have been full of extremes. Lots of different projects, with differing degrees of success. Here's the shells:

Pretty crazy, huh! Clear plexi cleats will be epoxied to the back, and they'll be cleated to the wall in a grid pattern.

And in the mail today came this:

That's one of my first paintings gracing the cover of this academic book. I licensed that image last year, and totally forgot about it until now.

The carving of the boot top is completed. I met with the designer yesterday so she could give it her blessing; instead she made a couple changes -- now it's done. Next step is the mold, then casting and painting, and it's ready for the model room.

While working outside on that piece I got berries stuck on the bottom of both feet, and thought I was tracking paint in the house, but couldn't figure that out since I wasn't painting. Nature's paint, I guess -- red berries!

Tomorrow I head to south Texas to visit my dad for a couple days -- for his 93rd birthday!


Joanie Gagnon San Chirico said...

Great to see those shells from start to finish, interesting process! Looking forward to seeing the boot top one cast. Will look totally different, since I doubt that it will be in that same color as the shells.

Have a good trip.

andrea said...

You are doing such fun stuff! The shell shapes/spirals are hugely appealing to me (turn up in my own work regualrly!) so I'm really looking forward to seeing them once they're mounted. And I want some boots with that pattern on them.

Martha Marshall said...

Yeah!! Those projects are both fantastic. I know you've no doubt already left, but if you see this at your Dad's, tell him happy birthday for me and I'll have a Scotch in his honor.

Judy Vars said...

WoW installation work you do and on the scale that you do it is so impressive.
When you get back check out my encaustic wax salmon.

Walker said...

Martha - My Dad will always have a soft spot in his heart for you -- and me, too! He doesn't need encouragement to have a Scotch, but I'll pass that along.

Judy -- that fish is AMAZING!