Monday, April 07, 2008

3d Artwork

High Density Foam Carving, 36 x 36

So far so good. I made alot of progress on this over the weekend. Consequently it's Monday morning I am am totally worn out! I wanted a massage last night but Royce was in a volleyball tournament and couldn't come over. darn-it-all

This is the rough out. All the holes are cut, but not shaped, and I haven't dimensionalized it yet. Just a start, really. At least I got smart this time, and instead of dressing in a jumpsuit and hanging plastic to isolate my studio and protect the rest of the house from this static-y dust, I did the whole thing outside. It was a perfect 72 degree sunny day, low humidity. Then used a lawn blower to clean it (and me) off before bringing it back inside.

As you can see, the design has changed dramatically (more than once). If you can't tell by looking, it's the top of a cowboy boot, from the side. There's the strap down the middle, and lots of stitching and cutouts.

This is the piece that will be cast in resin and placed in 900 hotel rooms in a resort in Central Texas.

I'm on hold right now, waiting for a response from the designer before I take it any further. The thing about sculpting is that once that material is gone, there's no putting it back. Except for the swirly hole cut by the Dremel tool when I yanked on the cord and the drill slipped! I had to spackle that!

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