Friday, March 07, 2008

Snow on My Parade

Even with 3-5 inches of snow predicted in Dallas, hundreds of people still showed up for the Grand Opening of Texas Clinic. And did it up BIG. There was a band in each lobby, abundant tables of elegant party food, and at least six open bars. They had placed a placard on an easel in each lobby with a picture of me and my artist statement. What surprised me the most was how many people came up to me and said "you're the artist!" rather like an announcement. I don't think I've said "thank you" so many times in one night in my life!

Other than me, the star of the show was the linear accelerator, which is leading edge technology in radiation therapy for oncology patients. It's the only machine like it in this area. A physicist runs it, and she gave talks all night about the technology. That's in the suite that is my next art project. I'll be meeting with them next week to discuss imagery.

And yesterday morning's design meeting for the 20 pc hotel installation went very well, too. Once they saw my preliminary concepts, they pretty much gave me free rein for the rest of it. I love it when that happens! That allows me to get really creative since the budget is already set and I can work within it's parameters.

I'm taking a small break today, since it's a gorgeous sunny day. My poppies have now been snowed on twice, beat with rain, now burned by the sun. And tonight we're having a hard freeze. And there's one spectacular red one that's battered and bruised but a gorgeous color.


Joanie Gagnon San Chirico said...

Happy to hear that your fans showed up regardless of the weather!

elisa said...

that’s great that you had such a good reception . you defiantly deserve it! your work is so beautiful. looks like you’ve got a lot of projects coming up-i hope you enjoyed your day off.

Walker said...

Thanks Joanie and Elisaann!

Annette Bush said...

Good job, Robin
Glad you are getting a little face time along with the acceptance of the work. A little 'celebrity' is goes a long way!

Mary Richmond said...


Walker said...

I'm sure feeling like a celebrity for the time being. Found out yesterday that a corporate client I had done several commissions for was also at the opening and was thrilled to see my work there.