Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Crunch Time

Isn't that always how things happen? In bunches?

Last night was a big mess at the Dallas voting precincts. Who's idea was it for voters to have to go to the polls twice anyway?? Everyone who watches the news knows that there was unprecedented turnout, and I was certainly glad to do my part. The Democratic fight isn't over, though, so we have more months of political propaganda before the convention. The message sent by Hillary is "don't give up", and it worked for her last night.

Anyway, back to business for me.

I've gotten approval for a 31 pc project for a suite in a medical facility, the purchase order for the 15 cast resin shells, a meeting to decide design specs for a 20 pc hotel installation, four large commissioned abstract paintings for the same hotel, and an internet sale of a 30 x 30 commission in the Glorieta series!

None of that would bother me except I have a 3 week trip scheduled leaving April 22. Talk about some stress!

And tomorrow night is the Grand Opening of Texas Clinic. Apparently it's a really big deal. There will be a band playing on each floor, lots of wine and snacks, and of course some high level hobnobbing for me. I think I will hand out postcards instead of business cards this time.

Inspiration of the Day: Hillary

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